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Practical support to achieve positive outcomes

Our Capabilities


Our Capability covers

Strategic Transformation,

Business Development Support,

Operational Efficiency and Redesign,

Procurement Advice,


We work with leading technology providers

to implement technology enabled change and

have teams of specialists with proven

experience to identify and eliminate

operational backlogs particularly

in complex health and social care settings.




Transformation Projects

We provide strategic organisational reviews and advice on stuctural redesign to achieve optimal performance.  Whether in public or private setting, our advisors assess the strategic goals, analyse the operation and provide practical support to change.  We avoid the impractical, focus on the achievable and ensure results can be achieved quickly and effectively. 


Health & Social Care Improvements

We will deploy effective teams of caring professionals to clear backlogs and improve outcomes, apply technology enabled process change and reduce operational costs.  We select the best from commercial practices and apply them carefully in a health and social care environment bringing the best of both environments together to deliver a better outcome.

Work Team

Our team consist of some of the most innovative and experienced people in business and Adult Social Care and the team are at your disposal.  They have extensive experience from across public and private sector.  Our directors are:


Managing Director

Strategy, Social Care, Business Development, Marekting & Value Proposition Management

Email: nigel.bates@carecentric.uk

Tel: 07527 647 860


Strategy Director

Strategic Operations, Business Development, Procurement, Community Services, Health & Criminal Justice

Email: neil.malpas@carecentric.uk

Tel: 07881 924 033

Dawn Barsley-Dale

Bids, Marketing & Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management, Bids & tender Management, Design & Support, Mobilisation, Project Management


Email: dawn.barsley-dale@carecentric.uk

Tel: 07837 935329

CareCentric, Ronam House, Clay Coton, Northamptonshire, NN6 6JU

Call us:

+44 7527 647860