What We Do

We apply leading commercial principles in both a Public and Private context to transform businesses and Health and Social Care services.  We provide advice, strategy development and highly qualified people to overcome significant challenges

CareCentric Limited has changed its name to Coton Consultancy Ltd.

which is an independent business and not part of Graphnet Healthcare Ltd 

We have changed our Name to Coton Consultancy Ltd

We deliver Advice &

Transformation for

sustainable outcomes

We have a particular passion to address complex challenges like a truly integrated approach to health and social care.  We seek to optimise community, commercial, technological and public based provision through the application of sound, efficient practice to achive great outcomes

Using our extensive experience we can support you on the strategy and transformational change whether it be transforming your business for growth or your public sector organisation adapting to accommodate changes guided by government policy.  Our combination of business leaders, skilled public-sector experienced managers and teams of social workers can also help you tackle the most challenging issues from strategic change to removing a growing backlog of reviews.  We help your teams focus on the critical issues.

Working alongside you and your teams, we work in partnership with you to achieve your objectives ensuring quality services in a caring, ethical  manner.

We offer services to both commercial organisations and Health & Social Care providers

“Dawn recently won a recognition award for her hard work in setting up and engaging with staff to deliver our Sales Zone knowledge management platform.  Not only has she engaged with staff and the wider business on structure, training, ongoing development, trouble shooting and awareness raising; she has also designed and built the structure, liaised with IT and is creating management processes for auditing processes.  A great effort, much appreciated by the Sales, Bids and Operational Teams.”

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