Advice & Transformation support to deliver sustainable


What We Do

We apply leading commercial principles in both a

Public and Private context to transform businesses, Health

and Social Care services.  We provide advice, strategy development

and highly qualified people to overcome significant challenges.

We have a particular passion to address complex challenges like a truly integrated approach to care, optimising community based Social Care provision and the application of sound, efficient practice to address backlogs in assessments and reviews.

Using our extensive experience we can advise you on the strategy and transformation change whether it be transforming your business for success or your public sector organisation adapting to accommodate changes guided by government policy.  Our combination of business leaders, skilled public-sector experienced managers and teams of social workers can also help you tackle the most challenging issues from strategic change to removing a growing backlog of reviews.  We help your teams focus on the critical issues.

Working alongside you and your teams, we work in partnership with you to achieve your objectives ensuring quality services in a caring, ethical  manner.

We offer services to both commercial organisations and Health & Social Care providers

Please note that we are a new and innovative service formed from experience across adult social care and, as such, are developing our website.  Please call us for further information using the details below

Commercial Support

Operational Redesign and Improvement

Sales Optimisation

Bid & Sales delivery

Marketing & Growth Advisory

Value Proposition Development

Health & Social Care Support

Operational Improvement

  • Backlog Clearance
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Community Care Coordination

Technology Improvement

  • Innovative application of Technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness


  • Procurement and Negotiation
  • Commercial innovation

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